The magic of the European Football Championship (Euro) has gifted us with it's exhilarating, heart-stopping football since 1960. The 2020 edition marks the 60th anniversary of the competition and to mark this diamond jubilee, Euro 2020 will be Pan-European hosted,
(as opposed to a singular host nation as usual). The magic of the cup continues with a special tournament to mark a special anniversary.
This bespoke wallchart for Euro 2020 was made in collaboration with Turnstyle FC and aims
to capture the raw excitement and history of the iconic tournament. The wallchart pays homage to the style and sensibility of 1960 with further inspiration drawn from 
Panini cards of the era.
This style is paired with influences of '60s
passports and travel documents which nod toward
exuberant travel involved in this edition.

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