This bold and modern badge design is a direct reference to the relationship between the previous badge’s pentagonal shape and the face of a hornetTaking an unconventional look at the distinctive insect will give Watford Football Club a unique flavour to the badge’s overall feel, especially when compared to badges of footballing rivals.
The oft-overlooked hornet face can become synonymous with the spirit of Watford F.C. and continue to challenge football’s conventions. The distinct style and shape becomes easily recognisable when simplified as shown removed from the exterior lines which house the text.
In the negative space of the design lies a hidden trophy, similar to that of the Premier League trophy, which can be seen as a testament to Watford’s footballing ambitions to achieve more than expected.
This modern interpretation of Watford Football Club’s badge can be a distinctive design that lasts many generations and iterations whilst still remaining enduring in style and attitude which reflects Watford’s footballing past & present and inspires its future.
Work undertaken on behalf of Stone Creative Design as part of a client pitch.
Closeup of the Watford FC badge on a player kit.
The Watford FC badge on the Watford website.
The Watford FC badge on a player kit.

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