Me is a creative weirdo; gotta do something till you die.
relatively ready design, narrative, film, performance art, and conceptual art.
Specialising in conceptual design and brand narratives.

Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA) Student Awards 2019 Finalist.

'My Life in Music', Hyde Magazine, issue 3, (2016).
'Josephine's Story',
Hyde Magazine, issue 1, (2015). (read here)
'Those Golden Plains', Offset Arts Journal 14, (2014). (read here)
'Together', Offset Arts Journal 17, (2017). (read here)
Fantastic Mr. Frog, premièred at Visualis Film Festival 2016. (watch here)
Be Nice, featured in Offset Arts Journal 16, (2016). (watch here)
Performance Art
Harmony in Dissonance, as part of workshop collective, Baise Black, in China, (2016).
Tequila Keybird, debuted in Melbourne, (2016).

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