The Australian flag has long been a divisive symbol. Many Australians don't feel necessarily patriotic behind a flag that doesn't truly represent it's citizens any longer. With a British flag pasted in the corner and flanked by a Southern Cross that's been hijacked by bogans and racists, the flag doesn't quite ring true these days. The First Nation Australians having long abandoned the flag to create their own fitting tributes to their respective cultures, it's time we unite Australia under one flag again. And stop holding on to Colonial genocide as a representative flag bearer, like a colonist sticking their flag pole into the scorched earth. Do we want to live in the shadow of the past forever? Or finally become a unique culture of our own?
This flag concept was designed to simplify what Australia truly is; a big red dot down under, surrounded by ocean. The flag is also representative of the blood spilled during the genocide on this landa land that owns the people and not the other way around. Inspired heavily by the national flags of First Nation Australians, Palau, Bangladesh, and Japan, this flag concept can be a modern template for the new united direction of Australia and the Australian people.
A blue flag with an off-centre big red dotflying in the sunset.
A blue flag with an off-centre big red dot furled on a green floor.
An enamel pin featuring a blue flag with an off-centre big red dot.

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