This is $700 worth of framed 5 cent pieces. My weight in 5 cent pieces. This piece is a response
to the Australian
Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation,
and Financial Services Industry
which uncovered the widespread greed that has suffocated
the financial sector for decades; a systemic issue that resulted in the GFC. This piece aims
to represent how society
lauds money in today's culture.
Collectively and individually the coins are worth less than the structured frame holding them which is glorified in brutish gold, yet they remain entwined, trapped in an eternal bond controlled by agency individuals of the populace will never hold.
The $7 prototype was made in 2016 before the full piece was developed and fabricated in 2018.
Fabricated by Antons Mouldings.
Approximately 47cm x 136cm x 15cm and >80kg.

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