Since 1922 Dickies has produced the highest quality workwear for every need. Dickies garb has been consistent throughout the past 100 years; being driven from farms to war to factories to skateboards and who knows where else! The brand has evolved to become the cultural revolution it stands today.
Dickies wanted to collaborate on the branding and creative direction for their 100-year anniversary exhibition—The Legacy Exhibit—held in both Texas and London. The concept involved creating a link to Dickies' industrious past whilst showcasing the streetwear attraction that has permeated popular culture. Hence, the style for this exhibition had to maintain the high quality Dickies pride themselves, as well as that hardworking edge.
The project involved leading the creative art direction for all the assets produced for the exhibition, which included invites, signage, and playing cards. All these assets had to uphold the Dickies iconic branding while piecing together a cohesive narrative of the brand's legacy. The back design of the playing cards went through many explorations and the final result was inspired heavily by the famous Sicilian illustrative pattern found on playing cards from the region.
Work undertaken on behalf of made by blah™ x This Here.

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