This elegant, yet modern logo concept for a global law firm specialising in sexual assault cases aims to represent the pure essence of the McAllister Olivarius brand. One which holds agency, collaboration, and empathy at it’s core. This is alluded to with the outline of people’s heads centrally facing each other or coming together. The logo mark also aims to show the yearning for knowledge and deep understanding of law which is key for any firm at the top of it’s class.
The graphic element as a whole, which at first glance can be compared to a high-end bespoke ornament or trophy from yesteryear, emanates an old school-cool with it’s presence. When this is paired neatly with the circular text it creates a seal of excellence which is the pinnacle of the McAllister Olivarius brand, aspiring to be a champion for the people that it holds at it’s core.
Work undertaken on behalf of Stone Creative Design.
The McAllister Olivarius bespoke logo on an interior office wall.
Business cards featuring the McAllister Olivarius bespoke logo in blue and subtle pink.
A black stamp with the McAllister Olivarius bespoke logo.
The McAllister Olivarius bespoke desktop website rebrand.
The McAllister Olivarius bespoke mobile website rebrand.
A blue wax seal with the McAllister Olivarius bespoke logo.

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