Flavoured milk is a huge category in the beverage industry in India and Smoodh wanted to break-in and disrupt this market. Smoodh aims to become synonymous with the widely enjoyed dairy beverage that locals love whilst showcasing their range of indulgent flavours and rich ingredients. Smoodh needed an interesting and playful way to announce their latest lacteous offeringa yoghurt-based fruit smoothie collection.
Smoodh wanted the script for their introductory launch commercial to not only cut-through but bite back with wit. Collaborating with the creative production team, I was charged with punching up the narrative and concepting a fun idea that would frame the TVC without losing the core motiffeaturing a CGI ingredient wonderland spotlight.
My pitch involved a treatment which reversed the previously established role of Smoodh's celebrity ambassador, Varun Dhawan, by employing Varun as the shop attendant of this supermarket fantasy as he passionately describes the extraordinary new flavours of the slickest smoothie you'll ever need.
Oh so Smoodh.
Work undertaken on behalf of &Walsh.

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